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Ok, who's done what...

The original design was implemented by Chris Hoer, who promptly graduated from mst (12/95 - ME). This site was continually updated and maintained by Mike [aka "Flipper"] Scammacca until this fool too decided ta graduate... (12/96 - Geo & Comp Sci). Then Rob ["Hobbes"] Tayloe had his turn at it, but after fighting tooth and nail to stay a student finally got a job.... About this time the cave report form (that nobody else can seem to empty!!) was provided by Tony Hofeling. Buckethead/Kenny Sherrill took over for a few years, then it sat more or less dormant for about 2 years. Goska is the current web fool until someone else wrests it from his cold, stiff hands. Or makes an offer to take it away. Surprisingly, it actually didn't take too much work to take it from Goska. Travis Megee then redesigned the site and gave it a new look that'll probably last for a couple years of neglect.

Of course, many thanks to those who made comments and suggestions for improvement.