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Make sure to decon your gear following the guidelines below after each caving trip!

Decontamination Procedure (PDF)

Hold Harmless Release Agreement

Wanting to go caving with us? Make sure you've filled out a Hold Harmless Release Agreement before you leave!

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T-Shirt Design

There are still "vintage" Fall 2006 MVOR shirts available. If you would like to make a donation to the club Click Here! , and you can get your very own piece of MVOR history!

About Us

Our meetings are at 6:30PM in McNutt 204, every Wednesday. To find the building, click here.

Welcome to the MSM Spelunkers Club homepage! We are the oldest caving club in Missouri, with a proud history. We are devoted to the safe exploration, protection, conservation, and documentation of caves and karst regions. The MSM Spelunkers Club brings those with a common interest and love of caves together for the sharing of thoughts and ideas. Have fun browsing through our site, and feel free to drop us a line at spelunk@mst.edu if you have questions or comments. But, if you want the 30 second tour, here are some pics that a few of us have taken over the years.

Most recently published meeting minutes here

For an idea of what to take underground, here are some suggestions of stuff to bring. Check out the "safe exploration" above also for ideas. Remember, these are only brief guides that suggestest on what to bring, you may need more or less depending on the cave. Be sure to ask questions on what to bring to cave trip if you are still unsure before going!

Our meetings are open to everyone & anyone who desires to learn more about caves and caving, will cave safely & considerately, and is environmentally conscientious. We welcome new members, regardless of their experience level, who will follow the above simple guidelines. Contact us for more info. Also, we have a email listserve running, which is a good place to find out about what is being planned for trips and such, and is a good place to ask questions. Contact spelunk@mst.edu to get added to this.