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By hobbes [ie Rob Tayloe]

The following is just a helpful listing of items you may or may not desire to take on your next caving jount. Much depends on the length of stay, if camping, & the type and length of the cave(s) you'll visit. Yes, its better to have than to have not...

Caving Supplies:
  • boots
  • socks
  • pants
  • t-shirt
  • warmer shirts:
    • sweatshirts
    • polyprop
  • helmet
  • kneepads
  • main lite & extra bulbs
  • batteries
    • check your lite!
  • gloves
  • 2 backup lites [carbide or electric]
    • w/ extra batteries & bulbs
  • small 1st-Aid kit
  • water
  • snacks
  • pee bottle
  • emergency candles w/ matches
  • trashbags
    • for body heat [take w/ you in cave]
    • for dirty, muddy clothes
    • for trash
  • short length of rope [20-40 feet]


  • water
  • other drinks
  • candy bars
  • sandwiches
  • chips
  • juice
  • donuts
  • poptarts
  • kudos, granola bars
  • cooler & ice
  • cool cup for cans
  • steaks & potatoes to feed hobbes!

Extra Clothing:

  • Extra Clothing:
  • jeans/shorts/sweatpants
  • socks
  • unders
  • towels
  • shoes
  • hat
  • jacket


  • tent
  • sleeping bag
  • tarp
  • poly ropes
  • pillow
  • blanket
  • hatchet
  • frisbee/football
  • soap/shampoo
  • towels
  • t-paper
P.S.: Just a quick note here. If you wear thermals, get some polypropelene type, as they remain warm when wet. If you go to some caves [ie: Devils Icebox], it is the required undergarment. Cotton will[let the water] suck your body's heat, and wool is not too comfy, nor does it stay as warm as polyprop. You can get some polyprop at army surplus stores[at nearby Doolittle or St.Robert] for about 20 bucks; these are of a much better quality than wal-mart types...

P.P.S.: For what its worth... Duracell has been a favorite of many cavers. A nice backup flashlite is the Garity 2-D cell; its waterproof & tough. How much water & vittles ya take underground depends on your desires - some folks get very thirsty & hungry, whilst others never do. Same way for the amount of clothing ya take with ya. Remember tho' when underground ya can't just open a closet door or frig ta get more... ya have what ya bring. As to the steaks, hmmm, prime rib is very nice; medium rare... ;)