Lectures will be uploaded by 9pm the night before they are given in class. All materials will remain available throughout the semester. Please click the anywhere in the lecute's box to access the invididual lecture's page, where you can find PowerPoint lecture notes and videos.

Lecture 1

Course Intro. Motion in One Dimension

Lecture 2

Motion in One Dimension

Lecture 3


Lecture 5

Newton's 1st and 2nd Laws of Motion

Lecture 6

Newton's Third Law of Motion

Lecture 7


Lecture 8

Circular Dynamics

Lecture 9

Problem Solving Review for Test 1

Lecture 10


Lecture 11

Potential Energy

Lecture 13

Universal Gravitation

Lecture 14

Gravitational Potential Energy

Lecture 15

Static Fluids

Lecture 16

Spring recess. No lecture 16

Lecture 17

Linear Momentum

Lecture 18

Linear Momentum and Energy

Lecture 19

Problem Solving Review for Test 2

Lecture 20

Rotational Motion and Energetics

Lecture 21


Lecture 22

Static Equilibrium

Lecture 23

Angular Momentum

Lecture 24

Periodic Motion

Lecture 25

Problem Solving Review for Test 3

Lecture 26

Wave Motion

Lecture 27

Interference Phenomena

Lecture 28

Heat and Energy Transport

Lecture 29

First Law of Thermodynamics

Lecture 30

Second Law of Thermodynamics